Embrace You Talents represented by a basketball

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

– Michael Jordan

We all have a talent and are capable of achieving our dreams. Working on our own can get us far, but working together can get us further. People get being self-made all wrong, a support system is how people achieve great things. Embrace you talents and put them to work with others to reach you true potential. We need to do our part and learn to work well with others.

In business there is a difference in working on a business and working in a business. A leader must work with people they can rely on to accomplish important tasks. Within an ecosystem the tasks need to be delegated so that no individual becomes burnt-out, because it has a ripple effect. A wise person understands the importances of team work. In startups and new small businesses individuals tend to do the jobs of many, but that shouldn’t be a long-term plan. Achieving full efficiency takes team work.